World War and Cold War

Joe the Hero

In 1941, Joe the Hero made his big speech. To read about him >>

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January 31
The Germans occupying Stalingrad surrender to the Russians.

February 9
Japanese forces withdraw from Guadalcanal after six months of fighting the Americans there.

February 13
The Yankees' Joe DiMaggio joins the army.

May 2
Striking coal workers go back to work after being denounced by FDR.

June 22
29 die in Detroit race riots.

July 13
Hitler's tanks are badly defeated at Kursk, Russia.

September 12
Allies go ashore in Italy.

November 24
American marines seize control of Gilbert Islands in the Tarawa Atoll.

December 31
U.S. air onslaught against German factories in Berlin.

Joe the hero's big speech

Jane the hero's last stand

Movies in 1943

In Casablanca, Humphrey Bogart is a cynical American nightclub owner who finds himself helping Czech rebels escape the Nazis.

In Alfred Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt, a young woman wonders whether her Uncle Charlie is a murderer of widows.

Books in 1943

Betty Smith's A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is about a girl in a Brooklyn tenement searching for meaning.

Music in 1943

The Andrews Sisters' songs "Pistol-Packing Mama" and "Shoo-Shoo Baby" entertain GIs at USO tours.

Duke Ellington's Orchestra debuts at Carnegie Hall.